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This is my comment on the movie “August Rush”. My English is just so so, forgive me please!

It has been a long time that I was not deeply moved by such a perfect movie. After watching this movie, August Rush, I felt terribly hurt or something annoying, some kind of feeling that could not be expressed in words. But at last, I clapped, and just clapped, for the reunion of the family, for the talent of the boy and for the existence of true love in the world.

It’s a movie about music. You can hear different kinds of music from classic to folk throughout the whole movie. I have seen that how a boy with a gift for music became a well known musician. I have learned how music produced from instruments or even simple metal things in our daily life. I have also learned how music form in a musician’s sensitive mind. It called on us to realize that music is everywhere in the world.

It’s a movie about love. It was love that made me cry several times and I tried hard to hold back my tears again and again. It was incredible as well as unbelievable. I didn’t believe it was real. I just thought it must be a boring and rubbishy fiction that contains nothing valuable again. Actually, it proved I was wrong. Though it was full of coincidences, it recalled me of my family, my childhood and of the thought of love. Why did the orphan boy have such a strong desire to find his parents? Why did the mother worry the boy so terribly? Having watched the movie, I got the answers. The orphan wanted to be loved and the parents wanted to love their child. It was love that bring brought them together in the end. The director didn’t show us the final scene of their reunion, but we can guess that it must be a beginning of a happy family.

It’s such a great movie that I have never seen! The director didn’t try to make us cry only, but to let us understand the meaning of love, discover the sources of love.

Music is played for love. When music arises and love accompanies it, happiness is coming soon!

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